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[endurance] Idaho Wilderness Challenge

Stephanie Teeter (step@fsr.com)
Thu, 21 Sep 1995 22:41:29 +0800

(Eliza - is this too late for the newsletter?)

The Idaho Wilderness Challenge - September 4

This was one tough ride! Not quite as spectacular and challenging
as the Morris's Grimes Pass Ride - but a close second!
I don't think I've ever seen better management
at a first time ride - organized, enthusiastic, friendly. I believe
the entire community of Elk City, Idaho turned out for this one.
Ride manager Jamie Edmunson garnered help from the locals, the BLM and
the Forest Service. The FS ranger even talked about FS involvement
at the ride meeting. And the Sheriff and his posse were at all of
the out-vet checks - radios in hand, ready to work with the local
EMT's in case of mishap to horse or rider. Much of the trail skirted
the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness - and access was
limited, so it was comforting to know that we were being watched
over so well.

The trail was not easy! There were three 25-mile loops and every
one of them climbed at least 2500 ft ...and then back down again.
We followed ridge tops, crossed subalpine slopes, and meandered
through meadows along the American River. Some
spectacular views - some dreadful bogs. Deer, elk, moose - but the
scariest encounter was when three hobbled horses came charging
across a meadow to greet us - bells on their necks were clanging -
and they were lunging with the hobbles. Two of us had a rough time
convincing our mounts that they were of this world!

The ride was fairly well attended - 22 starts, 19 completions on the
50. 6 starts, 6 completions on the 25 and 6 starts, 4 completions
on the 75. There were two veterinarians, and plent of P&R people at
camp as well as the out vet-check. Snacks and drinks during the day
and a spaghetti feed at night.

This really was a tough ride - lots of climbing and lots of
windy trails - scenic but hard to make time on. There's talk of
making it a 2-day ride next year, rather than having a 75 or 1-day 100.
The first day would take the riders from camp in Elk City to the
Red River Hotsprings (!!) - and return via a different trail
the next day. Keep this one in mind! It could be a real treat.

25 Miles:
Carl Gilbert Jameeta 2:48
Elsie Brown Bullet 2:51
Sally Miller Only Ina Dream 2:54 BC
Stan Brown RC 3:15
Mary Ellen Reese Sunny 3:40
Molly Augustine Shorts 3:40
Suzy Berry Lacey Blue 4:35

50 Miles:
Karen Steenhof Ambers Thorn 7:25.1
Heather Greenham MC Cayene 7:25.2
Don Perry Sundance Buckshot 7:39.1
Janet Frederickson Amara Cantara 7:39.2
Dale Pauli Abu Raha Bask 7:39.3 BC
Arlene Morris Tourmaline 7:39.4
Kay Johnson Duke Mixzan 7:39.5
Christine Samson HMA Malik-Jaham 8:06
Carol Andrews CMR Myza 8:19
Ann-Marie Pinter Montana 9
Dawn Perrine Jazzy 9
Rick Towner Cha-Qua 9:25
Erika Feldman Kalani 9:25
Vicki Rutter Lazy's Custy 9:51
Diane Johusai Finston 9:51.2
Barbara McGann Tors Scotch Lass 10:41
Pat Perry Sheik 10:41
Martha Lindall Pepper 10:43
Dena Marchant Tekoa 10:43.2

75 Miles: (approximate times)
Rick Brand Aesir 15.1 BC
Stephanie Teeter CMR Benewah 15.2
Sue Summers Runster 16
Dennis Summers Raymond Blur 16.2