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[endurance] Endurance Saddles

Ed Blanchard (eblancha@opennet.net.au)
Wed, 20 Sep 1995 21:52:45 +1100

I have been following the endurance saddle discussion with interest. My
wife and I are looking around the world for a decent endurance saddle to fit
my wife's new horse which is a short backed arab. We would really
appreciate any information especially some photos of the saddles you use.
We have a McClellan saddle which we are experimenting with. I believe the
DeSoto saddle uses a similar tree but with various modifications can
somebody tell me what those modifications are.

To add my bit on saddles, up till now we use a Wintec Australian style stock
saddle on the rest of the horses with no problems. These saddles are great
because they are synthetic they are very easy to clean, you just hose them
off, and they also are very light. The stock saddle gives a large support
area on the horse and a safe comfortable seat for the rider. Unfortunately
the saddle is just too long for our new horse.

There is one other thing I would like to ask people about. Does anybody use
any digestive enhancers ? We have used the Oralx product REBOUND with great
sucess to improve the appetite of our endurance horses before and after a
ride. The only problem is the cost of the REBOUND once it gets here to
Australia is there anything on the market in th US that is more cost effective.
Ed Blanchard
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