ridecamp@endurance.net: Re: [endurance] North American Championship

Re: [endurance] North American Championship

August R. Doll Jr. (robbyd@iglou.com)
Tue, 19 Sep 95 17:55 EDT

>Anyone have any info on what happened this weekend? Us easterners have
>ours ears to the tracks but we're not hearing the train. Anyone not in
>digest version who knows drop me a note back, ( I can't stand to wait)
>Thank you, Thank you, Thank you
>Sandy and the crew at (Neigh-Per-Say).
>I heard unofficially that it was won by Marcia Smith.(Pac.NW)

2nd was Chris Knoch(Pac.NW)
3rd Valerie Kanavey(east)
4th Steve Rojek (east)

The next three were Melissa Crain, Nina Warren, Jan Worthington
all central time , I don't remember what order.

15th Lois McAfee(east)
16th Jim Rogan (east individual)

Diane Bickers(east) finished but not sure where.

Five east time zone riders started and all finished.
Pat Oliva did not start.

Team medals:

Gold - Pacific North
Silver - Central
Bronze - East

I think Marcia Smith also took B.C.

Robby Doll