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Truman Prevatt (prevatt@lds.loral.com)
Tue, 19 Sep 1995 12:09:10 -0400

I don't do CTR's and the judging the gaits of a gaited horse is one of the
reasons. At the last one I did, I was asked to trot Misty out. She came
back and the jugement was "she looked off in the right front", but was not
sure. So I trotted her out again, and she came back "off in the right

After doing this four times she was judged off in all four. Marilyn
Horstmeyer, standing behind me said - "if a horse is off in all four does
that mean it that the rider is lame in the brain", and yelled "Truman I
told you that people that ride walking horses were lame in the brain". I
might have taken offense, except Marilyn (who is a friend) had won the FL 3
Day 100 on a walking horse the year before, but Kerry Ridgeway was the vet
there and some small animial vet was that the current ride.


>just thought i would add something that was amusing about
>gaited horses from the competetive trail ride side. this may
>not apply in endurance.
>some vets i talked to that judged the competitive trail
>rides said they felt uncertain concerning how to judge
>the degree of lameness for these horses since they didn't know what the gait
>was supposed to look like.
>i had one friend in vermont with icelandic horses that went to a few
>rides with several horses and found that the vets said her best - and
>soundest horse - was the one that trotted instead of the tolt. she
>- of course - thought just the opposite.
>now that i am doing mostly endurance - the small differences that added
>up in ctr are not the important factor.
>mike maul
>houston, tx


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