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[endurance] Las Trampas

Stacy A Berger (Stacy_A_Berger@ccm.sc.intel.com)
Tue, 19 Sep 95 08:32:18 PST

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Porter and I had a great time at the Las Trampas 50 this past weekend.
We met some of our "net" friends, and rode with Kathy Meyers and her
beautiful Thoroughbred, Magnum. Our horse were wonderful together, same
pace, same recovery times at vet stops etc. Kathy's cheerful outlook
was very refreshing on the trail.

The day started off foggy and misty, then warmed up to a beautiful,
clear, sunny day. There were spots on the trail that allowed a view of
the San Fransisco bay, and I believe we saw the Bay bridge. There were
moderate hills, and we were going up or down most of the day. In the
afternoon we rode a stretch along Lake Chabot and then up the steepest
hill of the ride.

For the most part, the trails were well marked. There were some tricky
spots - which caused some riders a lot of grief. Judith Ogus missed a
turn in the first half of the ride and rode an extra 15 miles. When she
passed us in the afternoon she was in good spirits about the incident,
and her horse looked fabulous. I don't know if I would be so pleasant
if that happened to me! The ground was pretty hard. Given the cool
weather people were moving out at fast clip, which may have let to the
high number of pulls (27 non completions out of approx. 80 starts on the

I didn't pay much attention to the top ten placings, but I know that
other riders that post to this list that were successful, maybe they can
fill in the placings. Helen Harvey and her horse Bella were smiling at
the end the end of the 50, as was Nick Warhol (thanks for the button)
and his new horse. Gabrielle and Dixie and Val and her
Thoroughbred(sorry I forgot last names) were successful on the 25 mile

Overall - a great ride that is managed by Liz Leahy - who doesn't ride
endurance, just lends her services in organizing this first rate ride!

Regards, Stacy

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