ridecamp@endurance.net: Re: [endurance] Flagstaff,AZ results

Re: [endurance] Flagstaff,AZ results

Dominique Freeman (fadjurs@sadandy.hpl.hp.com)
Tue, 19 Sep 1995 07:30:17 -0600 (PDT)

Hi Katherine,
The only results I have so far heard are that Marcia Smith (On A High)
came first and Chris Knoch (Saxx) came second, Valerie Kanavy (Pieraz)
I think came fourth or fifth. No other information. If you want to know
specifics about the NE you could email Stagg or Cheryl Newman (I
think Stagg was crewing for a NE team member, it may have been Steve).
Stagg: troy!lsnj@cc.bellcore.com
Cheryl: cfn@arch4.ho.att.com
Otherwise, I think we are all anxious to hear results and accounts.


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