ridecamp@endurance.net: [endurance] booklet re choosing an endurance saddle

[endurance] booklet re choosing an endurance saddle

Lucia Humphrey (laneyh@ix.netcom.com)
Thu, 14 Sep 1995 11:11:31 -0700

Dear Distance Riding Friends -
Yesterday I posted a note saying that I am writing a booklet about
how to choose an endurance saddle. Let me tell you a little more about
it. It is not intended to promote any particular saddle or even any
particular type of saddle. I am trying to describe, at least briefly,
every type of endurance saddle I can, though. What I am trying to
promote is each buyer having enough information to choose the saddle
that is the best for her/his horse/rider team. The booklet will
include a short history of riding to explain how saddles came to be as
they are today but its main feature is a checklist of rider/horse
characteristics that determine the best kind of saddle. Once the
checklist is filled in, then I leave it up to the buyer to research
which saddles actually have the required features because any list I
might make of saddles for sale would be out of date before the book
even comes off the press.

I'm trying to make it fun to read but most of all, informative
because there is a very large amount of myth and tradition associated
with saddles to say nothing of conflicting information coming from
reputable sources. My goal is to sort out the myth and tradition and
identify conflicting theories so the rider/buyer can feel like they
have a fighting chance of choosing a saddle that will work for them and
their horse - all of this for not very much money, too, because it
won't be very fancy looking!

You may have noticed in my post of yesterday that I said I ride in
a Marciante saddle. I do and I like it but I do not endorse it except
as a saddle that works for me and my horse at this moment. If you and
your horse are similar to us, it will probably work for you, but if you
are not, there are plenty of other saddles that will work for you.

happy trails!