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Re[2]: [endurance] Limited Distance

Stacy A Berger (Stacy_A_Berger@ccm.sc.intel.com)
Thu, 14 Sep 95 08:12:29 PST

Deb Bennett spoke at our club meeting last year (Quicksilver Endurance Riders).
She is a Paleontologist and has a great understanding of the evolution of horses
and a great understanding of their skelatal system. Although there were no
"live" horses when Deb spoke to us, she did present a slide photos of horses and
pointed out their weaknesses and strengths. She is very interesting and very
open to answering questions.

I would think that her opinion of a breeding animal would be very beneficial
(mare or stallion). She would be able to offer informed comments on the
suitability of the horse for different disciplines, which could help a breeding

Even better, would be to have Deb assist in the selection of a breeding animal.
There are many breeding horses that should be culled due to one reason or
another, but are used as foundations to breeding programs. (ie look at the
number of horses with small feet, thin legs, or the AQHA problems with