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[endurance] Ride Banquets

Dominique Freeman (fadjurs@sadandy.hpl.hp.com)
Wed, 13 Sep 1995 15:18:37 -0600 (PDT)

Hello Fellow Riders,
I'm putting this one up to a general vote, partly in an
effort to continuously improve the ride (Los Vaqueros 50/25) partly
to satisfy some of the "pet peeves" mail from two weeks ago.
Here is the ride banquet menu. Please say yay or nay if you like it, and
add any suggestions (e.g. improvements for vegetarians etc).

Chicken (BBQ) sauce on the side
Baked Potatoes (Trimmings on the side)
Green Salad (Various salad dressings on the side)
Sliced Tomato and Celery dish
French Bread/Dinner roll
Sheet Cake
Ice Tea

I would really appreciate any feedback or suggestions!

In addition, I would like to thank the following manufacturers/retailers
for sponsoring the ride awards:
Top Ten: Cool Off - Monogrammed scarves
Plush Seat Bottoms - water bottles
Redfield Halters - trailer ties
First Place: Royal Riders - Air boots
First Featherweight: Durakold - Ice boots
Lightweight: Griffins - Half bale bag
Middleweight: Go-the-Distance - Halter bridle
Heavyweight: Bob Walz - EZ Ride sirrups (Certificate for any size)
Junior: Brentwood Oaks - Troxel EQ Helmet
Best Condition: Originals by Lucinda - Monogrammed Polarfleece cooler
First Arab: Jack Tone Ranch/Hammertime - Custom made Bridle rack
Quarterhorse: Marsh Creek Quarter Horses/Kathy Hansen - Stethoscope
Mustang: Lovell of mack - Gift certificate
Thoroughbred: Lovell of Mack - Gift certificate
Appy: In the long run/Jill Claire - Custom T shirt
Morgan: Sportack - TBA
Grade: Vitaflex Nutrition - TBA
Mule: TBA
Masters: Vitaflex Nutrition - TBA
Trail end: Go-the-Distance - Equine Shine
Completion award: Elegant coffee glasses (monogrammed with ride logo)
Best Condition 50 - Gold Silver Bronze medallions
Best Condition 25 Gold, Silver, Bronze medallions

Happy Trails,


Happy Trails

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