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Re: [endurance] Pat Parelli/Natural Horsemanship???

Wed, 13 Sep 95 13:30:36 +0900

I have seen him at work and been to clinics as and autitor (observer), he's pretty good but a
little more cowboy than some of his contemporaries such as Ray Hunt. Ray Hunt has taken this
process of training to the public and brought a kinder gentler method of training to the
Oddly enough the real magician in all of this is the gentleman who orginated the idea of
training the horse by thinking like your horse. Both Ray Hunt and Pat and several others I know
of have learned their techniques from Tom Dorrance. EQUUS magazine had a very good article
about Tom in their MAY issue (I think). He has put his ideas down on paper in a book called
"TRUE UNITY" and it is a difficult read due to the fact he doesn't give you any "formulas" for
training your horses. But we read it and with the seminars I have attended in my area taught by
one of Tom's protege's (Denny Cook) I have figured out what he is doing and why it works.
Pat leaves out the philosophy part that Tom actually makes the center focus of his method.
Pat also sometimes take the horses "too far". A point Tom emphasizes is wrong for you and the
horse. Pat goes a lot by his formula and I know of at least one horse he has failed to train.
That's some of my HO and also you might do better to look int a Ray Hunt clinic. I believe he's
in your part of the USA.

Good Luck

Ray Santana
UC Davis Medical Center
Network Operations