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[endurance] October International Newsletter

Richard K. Stewart (76147.1145@compuserve.com)
11 Sep 95 19:10:37 EDT

October '95
Aerc International News
Submitted by:
Lori Stewart

Flagstaff, Arizona

The results will be faxed to the AERC Office on September 17th.


DISPLAY AD FORMAT: The AERC International Committee NEEDS YOU!
The deadline for your nomination to serve as your zone's
representative is October 31st. Mail your nomination to Chuck
Gray, 4214 67th Dr., Union Grove, WI 53182. Any questions? Give
Chuck a call at (W)414-634-3381, (H)414-878-4817.


The revised 1995 AERC International Charter was approved with
recommendations by the AERC Board of Directors at the mid year
board meeting August 26th and 27th. AERC International members
received a copy of the charter in September. Included with the
charter is a cover letter from Chuck Gray and a list of the
recommendations from the AERC directors. Incorporation and
implementation of the recommendations will be discussed at the
upcoming AERC Convention. Thank you for your patience throughout
this delay. If you have not received your copy of the charter
please contact Chuck Gray.

Why should all of us support International riding? The answer is
pretty basic, old fashioned patriotism. It should be our national
anthem that is played and our flag that is raised when the World
Endurance Champions are announced at the medal ceremony in Kansas
next year.

However, success at the world level requires that everyone
involved put the success of the U.S. effort ahead of his or her
own goals. But, our sport by nature appeals to the rugged
individualist out to ride for their own sense of achievement and
not for public adulation or to accommodate someone else's idea of

Dilemma #1: How do we reconcile our very individualist sport with
the requirements for successful TEAM competition?

Dilemma #2: How do we sooth the tattered nerves of nominated
riders from the time they nominate through the championship

Without your help, the AERC International Committee members
cannot successfully address the way these dilemmas influence
support for international riding, the selection process, and any
other aspect of international team competition you care to think

Join AERC International. Only members of this support group can
vote during elections of committee members. A large and diverse
membership base in International will ensure that the
International committee elected reflects AERC's diverse
membership. Only members may compete at an FEI North American
Championship or an FEI World Championship. Only members receive
a copy of the AERC International Charter, a helpful guide that
explains how Aerc International is organized and how you as a
rider can qualify to compete at the international level. Your
membership dollars guarantee that the budget for AERC's general
membership is not impacted by the financial demands of
administrating our sport's efforts to field GOLD MEDAL TEAMS.

One goal of the 1996 International committee is to develope
guidelines for all zones to use for the North American
Championship selection process. They recognize that as important
as the selection criteria are, the manner in which they are
implemented is just as important. Your unsanitized opinions on
this subject are needed by your zone reps and Chuck Gray before
the AERC Convention. At the very least let the committee listen
to your views at the international meeting held during the AERC


September 21-22, 1996 Rock Springs Ranch, Kansas. Only eleven
months away! As host country the USA may start 12 horse/rider
teams, four of which ride on the team and go for the TEAM GOLD.

How many great 100 mile horse/rider teams can the USA have SOUND
and PEEKED for the Worlds on September 21 1996? Fielding twelve
horse/rider teams that meet this description in September 1996 is
easier said than done. For all you die hard lovers of the 100
mile distance, this could be a dream opportunity of a lifetime to
ride for the United States of America.

The basic age and performance qualifications needed to nominate
for the 1996 World Championships are:

1) Must be 8 years (96 months) at the time of competition.
2) Must have completed a minimum of 750 verifiable lifetime miles
in endurance competitions at distances of 50 or more miles under
FEI or AERC rules
3) Must have completed at least two 100 mile in one day rides
under FEI or AERC rules.

1) Born in or before 1978 or have obtained permission from AHSA,
AERC, and the Selectors to compete as a Junior.
2) Must have completed a minimum of 1250 verifiable lifetime
miles in endurance competitions at distances of 50 or more miles
under FEI or AERC rules.
3) Must have completed at least five 100 mile in one day rides
under FEI or AERC rules.

Horse/Rider Combination:
1) Must have completed a minimum of 200 verifiable lifetime miles
in endurance competitions at distances of 50 or more miles under
FEI or AERC rules.
2) Must have completed at least one 100 mile in one day ride
under FEI or AERC rules.

Qualifications are subject to change depending on the year of
competition. For a complete description of qualifications, write
or call Kathy Roberts, Director of Endurance, United States
Equestrian Team, P.O.Box 355 Gladstone, New Jersey 07934. Phone:


A joint meeting of the U.S.E.T. Endurance committee, the AERC
International committee, and the U.S.E.T. Active Riders committee
was held the day after the North American Championships in
Flagstaff. The meeting's purpose was to finalize the selection
procedures for the 1996 World Championships. The selection
procedures were then sent on to the attorneys for U.S.E.T. to be


October 13-15: On the Road to the Championship 100 and 50
(pending AERC Sanctioning) mile rides. A MUST to ride or attend
if you might nominate for the Worlds next year.

October 31: Nomination deadline to serve on the AERC
International committee as your zones representative. Nominations
should be sent to Chuck Gray.

November: Aerc International committee elections by mail ballot
sent to all AERC International members.

November 30: Aerc International Membership renewal.

Miki, at the bottom of the page, please insert an AERC
International Membership Renewal form. Dues are still $10.00.