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Re: [endurance] Saddles

WarholNW (WarholNW@ccmail.apldbio.com)
Mon, 11 Sep 95 09:18:02 PDT

I thought I was out of saddle fit disaster for my new horse, but got
dropped right back in. I also got a Zes about 2 weeks ago. I did our
first decent length ride this weekend ( about 5 hours, but slow), and
find that I love riding in the saddle. There is something about the
way it positions your feet that makes it real easy to balance at the
standing trot. It seems to fit the horse well, but it will take some
time to see if it really works. No sore back, tough, and nice sweat

I do have a question for any other Zes owners- what are you doing for
a saddle pad? The Zes is kind of different- it does not have
traditional flaps like an English saddle, and the part of the saddle
that touches the horses back is covered with a pad-like fuzzy
material. My regular big Toklat endurance pads are just to thick. I am
using a big square trail pad with pockets since it it thinner, but it
moves all over the place under the saddle.


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Subject: [endurance] Saddles
Author: SandyDSA@aol.com at CCMAIL
Date: 9/8/95 8:45 PM

We have competed in Aussies as well as Orthoflex Endurance cutbacks. So far,
the Orthos are way out on front as far as fit and comfort. The Aussies were
okay for the rider and fine for the horse up to about 30 miles and then,
OUCH! What is the general consensus on the better endurance saddles? We also
have a new ZES, and have not used it enough yet to know about it. Any input!