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Re: [endurance] Ideas for awards

Kathy Myers x3004 (Kathy.MYERS@syntex.com)
Mon, 11 Sep 1995 08:33:46 -0800 (PST)

>>year we gave blankets.

Blankets! Cool! Wish *I* too many sitting

Hey... I noticed at the ONE ride I've been to
in recent historical times that there was a notice
plastered across the front of the entry:
(50 milers... Magnum and I did 30)
... and when I asked my friend (you know who
you are) why she dusted off her horse and
actually SHOWED UP if it was the buckles, she
just smiled and looked a little embarassed.
AND... two hundred people showed up from
all over the place. I met people who were going
to drive over 500 miles (total) and ride 30 or 50
miles more all within 36 hours.

I'm entered this weekend, but looks like if I finish
I'll have TWO certificates to show for my summer
of endurance riding... at least a T-shirt
would have given me something new to wear
to work! :) ;) :)

:) - kat