ridecamp@endurance.net: [endurance] Hitching horses

[endurance] Hitching horses

Sat, 9 Sep 1995 14:01:24 -0400

It seems to me that if a horse cannot be secured by conventional methods,
i.e., tied to rig, portable corral, tether line, etc., then perhaps his
training is not complete and he should stay at home till it is. I, too, had
the unhappy experience of having a nearby horse "stabled" in his trailer over
night, and we did not get a wink of sleep. Needless to say, we would NEVER
take a horse to a ride if we did not know how we would secure him in a
"neighborly" fashion. Also, on another subject dear to our hearts here,
please, PLEASE, mare AND gelding owners, please respect a red-flagged horse.
Our stallion has an excellent reputation in the manners department, and it is
really insulting and potentially dangerous to have riders allow their horses
of any gender approach him at a check or ANYWHERE and allow them to sniff
noses or sniff his rear. Our feeling is that we would personally NEVER allow
our horses to get that close to any strange horse, regardless of gender,
because strangers strike, kick, and geberally react in offensive ways. It is
just good sense to respect other horses, Stallions are always getting blamed
as bad actors when very often it is not the stallion's fault. Some mares are
VERY aggressive at close range. PLEASE, people, exercise good equestrian
judgment and allow ample space. Thanks!