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Re: [endurance] Scheduling Issues

Pamela M. Corley (pcorley@hsc.usc.edu)
Thu, 7 Sep 1995 16:42:26 -0700 (PDT)

I also find the overlapping dates (for So. California rides) for AERC and
NATRC frustrating. I did call the AERC Main Office and expressed my
concern regarding the overlapping dates. They did not handle the issue;
instead asked me to contact the sanctioning director.

Before I contact the AERC sanctioning director(s) or NATRC, would you let me
know (either via the list or e-mail):
1) Are you likely to participate in both AERC and NATRC events
2) What area/region you are in
3) Proposals or suggestions for avoiding overlapping dates between
these groups

Pamela Corley

On Thu, 7 Sep 1995, Ken & Oogie McGuire wrote:

> OK, soapbox mode ON
> Why can't the various distance riding organizations get together when
> deciding on the schedules for rides and try to avoid scheduling the local
> NATRC and AERC rides on the *same* weekend? If it only happened at one
> ride I could forgive but this year nearly every ride in my area for NATRC
> and AERC conflicts with each other. Not only does that prevent me from
> potentially riding in both events but if I am not riding I am forced to
> choose which event to volunteer for. If they were at different times I
> could do either ride or help at both.
> Case in point, next weekend is the Ramona NATRC ride (right in my
> backyard) it is also an AERC ride. October 13-15 is both the Shake Rattle
> & Roll NATRC ride and the Pendelton AERC ride. I've checked the
> calendars, either ride in either organization could move one weekend
> either way and still be within the rules for rides within the same region
> or not conflict with similar ride dates. Is there any way to try to talk
> together so that this won't happen for 1996?
> Think of it this way, all distance riders are fighting to maintain trail
> access. If we can have more weekends with more events on the trails we
> will be seen as a larger population of responsible users and that may
> help us have a larger voice in trail matters. Ride managers would be able
> to draw on a larger pool of potential volunteers since we could just plan
> on doing both and not be forced to choose which organization to support.
> I think it would be a win/win for both organizations.
> Thanks for listening
> Soapbox mode OFF
> oogie
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