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That is similar to the training schedule I follow for my experienced horse -
one or two days of 8-10 mile quick rides and one, occasionally two, long, slow
rides. The young horse gets more frequent and less intense workouts.

We have more serious downhills in N Georgia/ SE Tennessee than you guys do in
Florida (but also better uphills--- YEEEEEHHAAAA!!!). I am cautious about
injuring suspensories with fast downhill training. If I understand it
correctly, suspensory ligaments are not readily conditioned to be stronger in
the same way that muscles and bone are. That is why I've always heard that
there are only so many fast downhill miles in a horse so they should not be
wasted. The thing one would gain by working on downhills would be
conditioning of the muscles used differently than on the flat or uphills. The
same muscles should get exercised by walking down steep grades I think.... In
any case, the horse does need to have done what you expect him to do in
competition. It's just that with fast downhills, 'a little goes a long way'.

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Subject: Re: [endurance] speed downhill
During season my normal training is one ride of 8 miles or so during the
week in about 45 minutes and a 18 to 25 mile ride on the weekend. That is
about all I have time for. On the long ride I do a lot of uphill galloping
and usually do an easy trot or fast walk down hills. Since most of my
training is in the sand, I do not do much down hill galloping, but I will
gallop down mild slops with good footing. During rides mild downhill
grades with good footing is where you can make good time at a very low
heart rate (horse is using very little energy). On serious down hills with
bad footing I will get off and jog down.

Basically I feel that if you have trained for it you can't ride it in a
ride. So if you make time on down hills in a ride you should train for it.

Now if it would only stop raining so I could do any riding.



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