ridecamp@endurance.net: [endurance] Lari Shea ride in Australia posting

[endurance] Lari Shea ride in Australia posting

Mike Maul (mmaul@micro.ti.com)
Mon, 4 Sep 95 16:51:46 CDT

I saw the posting for the ride Lari is leading in Australia
and thought I might add something to it.

I joined Lari for 1/3 of the excursion in Feb of 1994 for the Queensland/Quilty
part of the trip. I had been in Singapore on business and added a little
vacation. The part I was on was a very enjoyable experience - both from
getting to see a part of Australia and finding about endurance riding in
Australia. Bob/Brook Sample have excellent horses - the group used ones
from the Quilty - and they lead a very nice ride. You don't have to be
an endurance rider to go - even though part of the group was. The rest
were riders from other places in the US that might have been on the trip
thru Equitour or FITS.

The food was good, the scenery interesting(semi-tropical), I enjoyed
riding with the group, and the horses were excellent. I wasn't overly fond of
the saddles but but for a week - it's ok. It was interesting seeing
Lari and the Samples talk about the differences between US and Down Under
endurance riding.

I can highly recomend the Queensland part of the trip. Don't know enough
about the Snowy Mtn or Fiji part but Lari always has good trips. I have been on
two other trips in the US led by Lari - the Tevis seminar and the Redwood
ride/endurance training - enjoyed them and learned a lot.

If you do consider taking it - you should go thru Lari rather than the
tour groups - Equitour or FITS. Not that there is anything wrong with
the groups but Lari has to pay a commission to the tour groups.

Any questions - feel free to send e-mail questions.

Mike Maul