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Re: [endurance] re: I am puzzled

Truman Prevatt (prevatt@lds.loral.com)
Sat, 2 Sep 1995 12:01:20 -0400


54 is not divisible by four so it would be a pain the the tail to
implement. How about 56, which is what I am toying with for my ride. Are
we going to see this recommendation in writing in the AERC News?


>To promote reasonableness and to afford some modicum of control, it is
>that the pulse criteria, during the ride and for completion, be kept at 54 or
>lower and the ride manager utilize the available terrain to the best ability to
>keep the LDR's off flat straight roads and move them on to trails if at all
>possible. Realize, we did not make any rules to this effect nor did we impose
>any restrictions on riders or management. These are suggestions for the
>to ponder and offer feedback.
>I hope that the majority saw the E-mail addresses for the on line Board Members
>and that you contact us with your comments. We are all vererans and have thick
>skins so don't worry about agreeing with us. Your true feelings are more
>important to us.
>Mike Tomlinson: CMikeT@AOL.com,(vet)
>Dane Frazier: dfrazier@mail.llion.org,(vet)
>Bob Morris: 76031.2347@compuserve.com,(Education Committee)
>Stag Newman: lsnj@cc.bellcore.com,(AERC VP)
>Jim Baldwin: 102461.572@CompuServe.com,(vet)
>Dave Clinton: Manager@LanL.Gov,
>Courtney Hart:Tamborina@AOL.com(?)(Rules Committee)
>Bob Morris
>AERC Regional Director Northwest
>Morris Endurance Enterprises
>Boise, ID


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