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Niccolai Murphy (niccolai.murphy@e-mall.org)
Mon, 21 Aug 1995 17:45:01 -0800

> G'day from WA, I have recently joined the endurance mailing list to learn mo
> about the world endurance scene. I have been following the discussion on
> gate-into-hold - how do you guy's do it? with interest. Like Nikki in New
> South Wales we here in Western Australia are working out how to incorporate
> the hold gate into our rides.
> Ed Blanchard
> PO Box 469, Merredin, Western Australia, 6415
> Ph/Fax 61 90 44 1066
> Email eblancha@opennet.net.au

I've kept the thread on gate-into-hold and posted as a faq on my BBS. If you or
anyone else wants a copy I'll e-mail me directly and I'll stick it in e-mail to

One fine day I'll set up FTP for some of these files.
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