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WarholNW (WarholNW@ccmail.apldbio.com)
Fri, 18 Aug 95 14:13:55 PDT

I am certainly not an expert, but I did find out a few things about
Rushcreek horses at the Race of Champions:

1- In order to give the horse an official "Rushcreek" name, the horse
has to be born on the ranch in Nebraska. (I think this one is true)

2- They are named with a consistent first letter in their name for the
year they were born. For instance the Rushcreek stallion who started
the program was named Ruscreek Abe. (I think he died recently). All
the horses born in the next year's name start with B, like Rushcreek
Ben, Rushcreek Buck, etc. They go to the next letter for each year.
If you know something about a certain rushcreek horses age, you can
tell the age of another ruchcreek horse from his name. They are on at
least their second go around with the alphabet.

3- Every Rushcreek horse born on the ranch has an official ranch brand
on his left front shoulder, ( a little clover-type of thing) and a
number branded on his left rear rump. This number is the serial
number of the horse. For example- a gelding with the number 345 would
be the three hundred forty fifth gelding born.

4- They are not overly big horses, but they are tough. I am not sure
about their dispositions, but we watched Rushcreek Reid get shod at
ROC, and this guy was falling asleep with his head on the farriers
back. This horse has won a lot of rides, and got second at tevis a
couple years ago. Remember the horse with the most ever miles- the
late Ruchcreek Lad. He and his rider Trilby Peterson redefined what an
endurance horse can do.

I have a friend who has a mare whose sire was an official Rushcreek
horse, but the mare did not come from the ranch in Nebraska, and does
not have a "Rushcreek" title, or brands. I don't know if there is
any way to tell if a horse has Rushcreek blood, except by the name.


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Subject: Tevis Winners: Rushcreek?
Author: Valerie Christenson <74451.375@compuserve.com> at CCMAIL
Date: 8/18/95 4:12 PM

Hi everyone:

I always hear that Rushcreek horses are great endurance horses. Anyone know how
many of the top Tevis finishers are Rushcreek horses?

Valerie Christenson