ridecamp@endurance.net: Tevis


Fri, 4 Aug 1995 10:53:35 -0400

Hey folks, please E-Mail me your Tevis stories and adventures and successes
this year so I can include the best of them in the next issue of California
and Southwest Arabian in the "For the Sport of It" column. You guys will be a
real hit, as more riders and readers are asking about such things. Also, any
additional input on saddles and boot equipment would be really nice. We will
be out of town for a much needed vacation for 2 weeks starting the 5th, so
until the 19th send to Deep Sands Arabians 5330 Chesebro Road, Agoura, CA
91301. Ou caretakers will not be checking E-Mail so it might get really
backlogged! If you are interested in the mag and its article, call Karen at
(909)695-2524. Tell her Sandy said to call for a sub. Or pick it up at Broken
Horn or Barbara & Carolyn's in CA. Sandydsa@aol.com. GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!!