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Re: Wanted: ideas for ride awards

My favorite award was a photo that ride mgmt had taken of me and my horse
along the trail during the ride.  After everyone had passed, they scooted
off to a one-hour photo, got 3x5s, then stuck them into frames that had the
name of the ride on the frame (it was basically just a nicely printed clear
label on light wood, nothing extravagant).

I have all the t-shirts I'll ever need (and I haven't even ridden all that
much), but you can never give me enough nice photos of my horse. :-)  Those
that didn't finish the ride were given their photos anyway, just to be nice,
just not in the frame---the leftovers were kept for the next year.

Susan G

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Sent: Saturday, February 16, 2002 9:58 AM
Subject: RC: Wanted: ideas for ride awards

>   I'm donating the high point Paint horse awards for
> all our region 4 NATRC rides and am looking for good
> ideas for awards that you have seen or won and loved.
> I have a few already bought but want to vary the
> awards from ride to ride so need more ideas.
>  Thanks in advance!
> Penny
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