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Re: tying up

I have a twelve year old with over 2000 endurance miles and she has tied up
twice in the past four years. On the first occassion, the vet researched and
told me that there had been some studies that indicated that a diet high in
fat seemed to be in order for horses who tied up.
 After this last incidence, I think I may have a clue as to how to prevent
future occurances. Mainly, I now walk her for the first mile or so and then
begin to trot only slowly. She is an awesome horse and very healthy in all
other respects. I think we may ahve a handle on preventing her episodes.
Just wanted to share my thoughts and wish you and your horse well....
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> katie parkin or
> I have a healthy 14 year old arabian grey who has never tied up until
> today.  He is riden four times a week and never has had a problem.  He is
> allergic to alfalfa and so his diet consist of:
> Oat hay twice a day 6 to 7 pounds per meal
> 1/2 coffee can (1/2 pound) of oat pellets
> 1/2 coffee can (1/2 pound) of stock builder for his protein
> 3 scoops of forco
> salt licks are available
> water is always accessible
> Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I can do as far as future
> occurrences.
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