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Newbie Questions

I have a couple of newbie questions that I just cannot seem to find the answers too:

1.  I currently ride in a Western saddle in a 15" seat.  I am looking at purchasing an English-type endurance saddle.  What size seat would I order?  How do you convert the western seat sizing to the english sizing?

2.  Are there any good books people could recommend for "backyard dressage" or other good dressage learning manuals that aren't overly technical?

3.  Does anyone have the name of a good dressage instructor in the Reno area?  Either that would come to me or I could trailer to him/her.

4.  Is there anyone who will be attending the "Neversweats" ride (W. Region) that would like a crew, or an additional member of a crew?  :)  I'm VERY interested in this sport but haven't yet had the chance to actually do a ride.  In the meantime I'm willing to be a sponge and soak up as much knowledge as possible.  I did volunteer for the VC 100 last year and attended the Lemmon Valley ride, but would like the chance to learn first-hand the behind the scenes care of the horse and rider.

Thanks for your help!


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