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Re: physiology of weight/Absolutes? Nah.

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From: Lynne Glazer
Sent: Thursday, February 14, 2002 1:36 PM
To: Howard Bramhall;
Subject: RC: Re: Re: physiology of weight/Absolutes? Nah.

I can't believe I'm posting on this cyclical discussion.  Nobody has
mentioned that the rider's ability to RIDE has a lot to do with how
hard the horse has to work.  I know a bunch of heavyweights who ride
lightly, in balance, and conversely I know some who ride like the
proverbial sack of potatoes.

It ain't just about rider weight.  Howard, how well do you ride?  Do
you have strong enough legs and abs so that you land lightly in the
saddle on the sitting part of the posting trot?  Can you suspend
yourself slightly out of the seat during the canter?  <g,d&r>

OK, T, yes, a tiny hiney

OK, since ya asked me, I'll tell ya.  I ride better than any other male rider this side of Texas.  lol.

Actually, I do have strong legs, my stomach ain't as bad as I let on, I'm losing weight, and I've always had good balance. I wrestled in high school and in the Air Force.  Wanna tumble with me?  lol.

I land damn lightly in the saddle and I can do a friggen sitting trot, but I prefer to move my body,  and I vary my movements to shift things around muscle wise.  I can do this for a very long time.  And, yes I can suspend myself outside of the seat in the canter.  Also, for a very long time.

Ain't me or the kid, we both ride purty good.  It's the vast weight difference, no doubt about it.  NIce try though. 



Howard (does not like it when someone who's never seed him ride casts dispersions in that area)

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