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Far OUt Forest (ya'll come down here)

It's coming up this week-end.  Man, I hope some of you are going to show up.  I keep having this fear, right before a lot of Florida rides, of pulling into Ridecamp and finding the parking area completely empty.  And this is on Friday.
It's not too late.  Heck, show up last minute.  I'll even go up to you and help get you out of paying that late fee when you register.  With little pride (my specialty) this can be done.  Just let me do the talking.  lol.  We'll probably both end up in jail when I'm finished.
Anyway, come, come, come.  To entice you (this will probably turn some of you off) check out the story I wrote a couple years back, just to get you in the mood for this particular ride.  And, if you can't come, read about riding in Florida in Feb anyway.  And, please, pay no attention to my comments about the woman from North Georgia in my story.  I was going though a phase back then; I'm quite over her now.  lol.  Part One of my silly story can be found at:
Come to Florida; land of sunshine and sand and nude sunbathers.  haha.
For directions to Far Out Forest and a ride app (don't bother mailing it, just bring it with you) go to
Howard (this time of year there's no bugs, no snakes and the gators have all moved south for the winter.  All you gotta watch out for is me.  lol)

    Check it Out!    

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