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Kathy Mayeda
Right now I'm a little enamored with Equithane.  I've used it only once
and did Death Valley Encounters with it.  To clarify what Equithane is -
Equithane is the brand name for a synthetic sole packing material that has
two chemical parts that are mixed together and applied with a special
applicator.  Within that brand name there are a few products: Equi-Pak
which is clear stuff that is nice an cushiony, Equi-Build that is black
stuff and more supportive and Equi-Fast which is like Bondo.

I used Equi-Pak with mesh nailed in between the shoe and hoof.  They may
have had problems with Equi-Pak falling out, so that's why the VetTec guy
told me to use the mesh it it.  Some people use it under a synthetic full
pad.  Truman warned me that Equi-Pak would chip out if you ride over rock,
and he was right, it did by the end of the 3rd day of DVE.

But some people have used it in conjunction with a synthetic pad, which
would take problem about it chipping and falling out away.

I'm going to try Equi-Build for 20 Mule Team.  Beau was really happy with
the padding.  Even if the farrier work is not up to par, it may be
worthwhile to use the padding to make your horse more comfortable until
you're able to resolve your farrier issues.  I can sympathize - I lost the
whole first half of the season last year due to bad farrier work.


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