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This quote from Dr. N. Edward Robinson regarding
Exercise Induced Pulmonary Hemmorage (Bleeders):

The second, and more recent, theory of what causes
EIPH states that as a horse exercises, pressure waves
travel through the lungs, causing trauma.   As a horse
engages in moderate to heavy exercise, pressure waves
are produced with each footfall of the forelimbs. 
This wave is transmitted from the shoulder blade
(scapula), and moves along the dorsal region of the
lungs in a caudal direction (Fig. 8).  As the waves
move in this dorsocaudal direction, the shape of the
lungs begins to narrow, causing the waves to become
focused and damage to be most severe in the
dorsocaudal region.   It is this trauma which may lead
to the bleeding associated with EIPH.

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