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NC qualifications/ AERC in general

I am a new member of the AERC and I do not have very many of your miles.
This will be my third season of endurance.  Last season I encouraged my
sister to participate and join AERC and this season, I have convienced my
father that he is not too old to just crew and he will be rding this year.
However, I have serious concerns about being a part of an organization who
has such condisending things to say about it new membership.  Though I
apparently do not have enough miles to mention, I do not remember the day
that I did not know how to ride or recoginze when my horse was not fit to
be ridden, so the term "novice" ridder certainly does not apply.
Similarly, it does not apply to my father who has over 40 solid years of
horse experience.

To the rider that mentioned that her horse already has 200 miles for the
season.  That's great!!!  But here, our first ride within 6 hours is not
until March 30 and our last ride of the season is in about September.
Keep in mind that it is not feasable for riders in many areas of the
country to obtain the same number of miles in a season as it is for others
in more formidable climits regardless of the condition of their horses.

To the rider that mentioned the Boston Marathon, please do some research.
To qualify for the Boston, an individual must complete only one previous
marathon with in the time limits to be able to enter the boston marathon.
So, in theory, I could start training now and in April of 2003 win the
Boston.  (For those that know me this is a particularly funny theory, but
not completely impossible.)

So I ask, why does the AERC NC have to be any different?  Why is it that
my 25 years of horse experience is not good enough for me to even compete
against you?  Do you not have faith that the vets would be able to
determine that my horse was being harmed?  Or are you just scared that an
individual might just have the knowledge and the sense to ride well and
win the race even without having been a member of AERC for the last
quarter century?

Keep in mind that it does come down to one race regardless of any
prequalifications that are put in place.


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