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RE: Re: Re: 500 MILES

I would like to point out that, as in most instances, the FEI criterion is based on European conditions and European mind set. Where as we are used to the open spaces and open mind the FEI is based on a regimented mind set. If the proletariat can comfortably meet said requirements then that must be the ultimate. 
I feel that we in the USA have a more open and higher sense of achievement.

Bob Morris
Morris Endurance Enterprises
Boise, ID

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Before we get carried away with the "NC requirements" it is interesting to consider the qualifications to nominate and participate in the WEC. For the US team they are

Rider: 1000 miles
Horse: 750 miles
Horse and rider combination: 200 miles

of course since the WEC is a 100, some of these miles need to be 100's.

What does this say - well to me this is an upper bound in all categories for the NC.

I do, however, support a "lifetime" qualification for the NC which was proposed. This is similar to the ROC which was a lifetime qualification.



Maggie Mieske wrote:

The only thing about the horses who can do 1000 miles in a season is....they have to have owners who can finance 1000 miles of rides!  :)  Our major concern is that our horses' biggest career drawbacks may be "us".  It's totally feasible for "us" to do 1000 miles here in Michigan in a season but to really be challenged and get to the rides I'd like to compete in someday (OD, Tevis, the Big Horn, Outlaw get my drift) is gonna take some money!  :)  So, hopefully, I can find something to start making us big bucks, I can retire Nelson from shoeing and trimming, buy that big rig and a lifetime supply of gas to go with it and off we'll go.  :)  LOL  I guess my thought is that there may be lots of championship quality horses out there with owners whose wallets are too empty to get them there!!  :)Maggie

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