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Re: 500 MILES wrote:
>I don't know what the qualifying distance should be but I don't think 1,000
>miles a season is such a smart thing.

Read again, CLOSELY this time, what Michael Maul posted. Look at number 3

"The minutes read
1,  Rider must be a current AERC member in good standing
2.   Horse must be entered in the AERC Horse Mileage program
3.  Horse and Rider team must have at least 500 lifetime
endurance miles.
You have the choice in the next 3:
A.  Horse and Rider must place in the top five in their
division in two 50
mile AERC endurance rides between the dates of August 24,
2001 to August 23,
B. The horse and rider teams winning first place in their
weight division in
the previous year's 50 mile AERC NC.
C.  Any horse & Rider team that  has 1,000 endurance
lifetime miles"

And you do realize that the ROC discussion and this one are two different
things, right? Your other posts had the two mashed together.

This discussion is murky enough without people jumping to conclusions as a
result of just not reading carefully enough. (sheez!)


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