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Re: RC: Pit Crew or Ride?

In a message dated 02/08/2002 12:38:47 PM Central Standard Time, writes:

<<<Hi everyone! I was thinking about this and I thought it might be fun to
see what everyone's opinion is on this...

Would you rather your significant other ride with you or pit-crew for

I usually stay quiet.... But I have to comment on this one.... (oh no)

I have been around Endurance all my life... (and I do mean all)  I took a long absence in the late 80's till the mid 90's.... (Married, children... divorce...  you know... oh yea and money.) I rode a few here and there and crewed  A LOT for people.
Crewed for my mother and Carolyn Loedeman at the ROC in 93.   Now that was cool... Snowed on the 4th of July.

I got back into it in 97, and come hell or high water, I wont give it up again.  OK, my point here is, I got remarried in 2000 , and how is this for lucky, I met him at a ride... "HE RIDES."... Hallelujah (there is a God)

We have decided to try to do 2 day rides.  That way we both crew AND ride... So far this has worked out well for us.  Oh yea, we decided to add a baby to our family.
So, who says you cant have your cake and eat it too.  It is wonderful, God blessed me w/ a great husband and family.  I am VERY THANKFUL :o)

Happy Trails all, Hope to see ya on the trail.
Jinnifer Plummer

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