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Dogs & Riding

M. C. A.
Okay, I can't help myself here.  I have to comment.

I have four dogs (my usual average, though I have been up to five at a
time). I have three horses.  I have 17 sheep and two pygmy goats.  All of
these are kept on the 20 acres I own and live on.  I ride endurance.

That's my background.

My opinion:  Like somebody else said, don't mix these animals up!  (Unless
they are full fledged sheep herding dogs, doing their work, while attended
by humans.)

I have ridden on endurance "training rides" where people have shown up
with their dogs, while mine have stayed at home in their pens, (or in the
house, depending upon their age, etc.) They have thought their dogs were
having a "great time" while we were out doing 30+ miles.  They told me so!
I felt terrible.  I saw it differently.  I saw dogs (of all types)
dehydrated and ready to drop, and often, unwatched.  Because they made it
to the end of our ride they were considered okay--or, even "happy"!

I won't do it anymore.  If someone shows up with a dog, I am heading in
the opposite direction!  Just can't have any part of it.

Tell me your dog is different, but I won't believe you! :-)

Signed:  Seen enough of this!
(Though, you may know who I am by my email address!  Blaze away!  I'm
ready!  Though, your dogs probably aren't!)

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