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"Far Out Forest" in Florida ... anybody going? (Feb 16)

I was curious if anybody is attending the "Far Out Forest" ride in Altoona, 
Fl on Feb 16th.  I believe it's a 30 and 50 mile ride.  It would be my first 
if I decide to attend, but I'd have to go down on Friday, and be by myself.  
I'd end up sleeping in the tack room of my trailer, and not have any help 
with my horse.  Right now, neither of us are in shape (I'm actually bad 
enough to be listed for a lung transplant), but I would love to try it.  If 
anybody is going that would be willing to lend me a hand (or a place to 
sleep/eat ... I'll pay!) ... I'd be a lot more willing to go.  Right now I'm 
50/50 on going.
I also will be just tying Tokala (my standardbred I'd be riding) to my 
trailer as I don't have any electric fencing or a portable coral or anything.
So ... if anybody is willing to help me on this ride (if I go) please let me 
know ... this would be my (and Tokala's) first ride ... and I KNOW I need ALL 
the help I can get!

Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions/replies.

Stephanie and Tokala ... together ... 000,000 miles :-)
Jacksonville, Fl 

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