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The ROC has always been expensive. Someone else already mentioned the 
"goodies".  Animal Tacker was the Central region sponsor & we got biothane 
halter bridles, reins & breastcollars. Monte won one of Roger's heart 
monitors in the raffle.
I don't know if any riders slept in tents the year we were there, but it 
wouldn't surprise me if there were some. (My step son & family did, but they 
were visiting us, not riding.) There was quite the same assortment of rigs 
you'd see at any other ride.
Then there's the parade & ceremony the day before the ride.
And the finish was awesome.  You came down out of the hills and the finish 
lane was lined on both sides with those long multicolored glow things (like 
for parties). As soon as you came in sight the music started up. (Yes, you 
get all the hoopla even at 2 am.) It literally brough tears to my eyes. Of 
course, I was crying because it would have been soooo much nicer to have had 
the markers back on the trail, but what the hey, it was the ROC & I did it.
Then there's the champagne & hug from Susan & the medal & the buckle.
It boils down to the aura & history of the ROC, whether you want to do it or 
not.  I've certainly done some really nice rides at a regular fee that were 
more organized & consistant without all the extra activity. I can't say I'd 
never do it again, though, if I wanted to see the area where it was.
Nancy Mitts

>400 bucks?  That's quite insane.  Who the heck is going to pay that?  I'd 
>like an explanation as to why the entry is so high.  Is there some kind of 
>gold plated belt buckle involved here?
>Bet there won't be many tents at that campsite!  Is this really where we 
>want to go with this ride?  Has it always been this expensive?  IF this 
>figure is correct, I've just lost interest in the ROC.
>Howard  (I hope this isn't some sort of trend)
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