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RE: endurance/trail dogs

carla lawson
A few points I have to agree with. Yes if you are one of those that yells
consistantly for your dog, or ignore where your dog is, dogs likes to
attack other horses or dogs. Then they don't belong on the trail. However
if you are a RESPONSIBLE owner and can control your dog from your horse,
dog stays behind horse and doesn't cause trouble. Then perhaps you have a
wonderful trial companion!
We don't let our dogs trail with us if we go to a place where cars go
whizzing by. We don't let our dogs get out of site however they may
explore when we are in a SAFE section of trail. We go trail riding mainly
on MONDAYS and TUESDAYS when there are rarely others on the trail. They
are at work. If we ride with others dogs stay home. If it is very hot...
dogs stay home. There are two kinds of horse and dogs owners. Responsible
and the not responsible. There are many degrees of responsibility. I enjoy
my dogs on the trail. I realize everyone doesn't enjoy my dogs on the
trail so I don't force the issue and I leave the dogs at home. My dogs
don't attack horses. My dogs have been attacked by other dogs and I have
managed to seperate them with my horse. My dogs are even spayed. I feel
that I am a responsible dog and horse owner. I have my opinions and others
have theirs. It is up to the horse and dog owners to make up their own
minds if they choose to bring the dog along.
  On the dark side we confirmed just an hour ago that Dee our Flat Coat
retriever today was diagnosed with cancer. She loves to go riding with us.
I hate the thought of losing her. I am going to live in denial about this
for as long as I can and enjoy her company on the trails. Now if you will
excuse me I got to go hug my dog.
Carla (Enjoy the day)
Ansata, Haley and Rob

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