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Re: RC: Re: national championship/qualifications

At 08:12 AM 02/07/2002 -0600, you wrote:
>How does a race that 'anyone can enter' decrease the challenge and prestige
>of doing well?  It certainly does not make 100 miles a shorter distance or
>the course less of a challenge.  Out of 100 riders at the ROC don't you
>think there will be a spread of competitors that will challenge you & your
>horse just a little bit?

Because the entry fee is $400.  I can do local hundreds here for $100, or 
maximum $225 for Tevis (most are in the $100 range tho), that have the same 
people competing and are just as difficult.  Plus, they are a two days 
drive closer.   The total overall cost is what I'm looking at.  Probably 
what most riders look at when they consider doing a ride that is far 
away.  Time off work, fuel, etc.  From the time I started in this sport, my 
goal was to get my horse ROC qualified.  I really want to do it, and will 
someday.  I'm still digging out of this huge hole I got in last season. 
:+D  (plus, waiting for the ROC to be a real ROC has a bit more draw for 
me, wouldn't it be fun to do a ride where everybody in it is really 
experienced.....I think so)


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