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Re: RC: Bob Marshall saddles

Karen -
Sounds to me like you could afford to loosen the girth a bit.  The wide 
Arab barrel tends to push the girth up into the "armpits" regardless of 
where you place the saddle, and the tighter the girth the worse it 

Of course, DON'T just go out and drop your girth three holes because 
Abby said so, please ... the real point is that most people think the 
girth needs to be way tighter than it does, until they meet a horse like 

Happy trails
-Abby B wrote:

> Karen Bockus
> I have an arabian mare that always seems to get rubbed in the girth. I'm
> currently using an old  western rawhide endurance saddle which I have had
> the rigging set back. I have a wardrobe of different kinds of girths and
> the best one is the cheapest, a thin string girth. I have fuzzy ones,
> leather ones, a big heavy roping style girths all of which rub. I'm
> currently looking at buying a Bob Marshall with the help of a saddle maker
> for fit. It's almost as if she doesn't have enough room for her girth.
> This on again off again rubbing has really prevented me from doing any
> long distance riding as this is a real no no. I also always stretch out
> her legs with pulls the excess skin forward. I have set the saddle farther
> back. I'm hoping that this new saddle will solve this problem once and for
> all. I've also owned 15 horses and have never had a rub on any of them
> except my Arab.
> Of course any one who owns and loves Arabs knows how special they are!
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Abby Bloxsom
ARICP Certified Instructor
Level III Recreational and Distance Riding
Colebrook, CT USA

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