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Riding with dogs

Hi everyone,

We recently got a new addition to our family, a cute little lab stray pup..
she's still getting used to riding with us out on the trail and I had a few
questions to throw at y'all.  How do you train them to ride away from your
horse?  This little one will cut my mare off (which she understandably doesn't
like) and do stupid things like stop right in front of my mare as we're trotting
straight for her!  I've tried yelling at her but Isabella, my mare, thinks I'm
yelling at her.  Isabella has even struck out at her when she has come too
close.  She really wants to avoid stepping on the pup..  Should I just let her
learn her lesson and get stepped on?  I really don't mind doing that at this
point (hehe) but I don't want the pup or Isabella, or ME to get injured!  Any
training suggestions?  Should I just let them be to learn on their own?

& Isabella (I usually don't mind pups unless they're gonna trip me!)
& China (everythings so new and cooool...  I gotta watch everything except where
I'm going)
& Blade (I'm a good pup, I keep outta the way cuz I got stepped on already)
& Tavi (I don't care, I'll go anywhere and step on anyone on my way)
& Bob (cool tree)

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