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Re: RC: relative rookie (stupid?) question - EZ boots

At 09:57 AM 02/06/2002 -0800, you wrote:
>Been playing w/ez boots this winter once shoes pulled & so far so good,
>learning from many suggestions from y'all.  Question: do I present my
>horse for vet check with or w/out boots.  Seems like I could argue either
>way & sure want to know beofre I foam them on for April first event.

If you are foaming the boots on, then you'll probably want to present the 
horse to the vet with the boots already on.  It really doesn't matter, it's 
really a matter of preference -- if you'd like the vets to get an idea of 
how your horse moves with the boots on.  For most one day rides I put the 
boots on the morning of the ride.  If it's a multiday or a 100 I'll 
probably have them foamed on and like to do it before I leave home.

Happy Trails,
in NV

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