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Another Odd Story

I was finishing up a beautiful ride today on Odd Todd and decided to gallop the last forested road, just because it felt good. Galloping without a care in the world when all of a sudden Todd stopped dead in his tracks and jumped sideways about 15 feet. This was all one movement. You know, that Arab thing.
I had my left arm in a chokehold around his throat and my right hand was sliding ever so slowly down the bridge of his nose. My lips were right up against his right ear so I took this opportunity to use my horse whispering education and whispered, "You son of a &|*@#." Just whispered.
I thought what a shame it would be if the last thing Todd  heard was my obscenities while I choked the crap out of him. He is such a sweet horse. Really. Luckily, I stayed on (because of my ample rear, I weeble, but I don't fall off) and I try to have a sense of humor. The "spook" was a flock of wild turkeys. Those silly turkeys! Where are the hunters when you need 'em?
Let me clarify, if I do fall off, I tend to lose my sense of humor. But, thank goodness for cellulite. My personal Skito pad. Helps falls to be virtually painless.
After I loaded him in the trailer, I slid his halter off because it was too big to begin with. I didn't close the divider and as I was putting hay within his reach, he very gently turned around and tippy-toed off the trailer. He is such a little ballerina. He walked about 30 feet from the trailer dropped and rolled. I started looking for cookies to coax him back (remember, he was neck'ed) but before I knew it he was up and walking back with me to the trailer. He hopped back in and started eating his hay. What an Odd horse!
The rest of the day will be a piece of cake. I think I'll cook up some turkey tonight ;}
Lisa Salas, The Odd fARm

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