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Re: : Reply/History

> I was also proud of the AERC riders.  Picture it. They show up at a place
> where they're offering a huge cash jackpot.  They've got horses that they
> know can go a long way fast.  They see that if they pull out there are
> nothing left but people with stock horses and no experience.  They
> probably were capable of taking care of their horses and even winning the
> thing but they left on principle and did the alternate ride instead.
> There's nothing that shows our true colors like the willingness to turn
> our back on financial reward just for the sake of having a good time with
> our horses' best interests at heart. :-)

I absolutely agree, Angie.  And it was the actions of those very riders,
along with Dane's action in an official capacity, that made such a statement
on behalf of what AERC is and stands for.  Dane's withdrawal of the
sanctioning would not have had anywhere near the impact if the AERC riders
had not also packed up and left.


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