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Re: RC: Camp Far West Ride

Karen (and others working with this situation) -
I'm in Texas, and know nothing about the area where this ride is held.  But 
as a wildlife biologist, my attention was captured when you mentioned "bird 
nesting" as one reason for closing the area to horses for 3 months.  Is there 
a species of threatened or endangered bird that uses this refuge?  If so, the 
managers might be under legal mandate to protect that species from 
disturbance, etc. during nesting.  Just a thought.  If that's the case, there 
might not be much that can be done about the closure period.  It certainly 
sounds like ride management has been working well with the refuge folks, and 
hopefully the ride can be rescheduled for later in the year, after the 
nesting period (if that's the main reason for the 3 month closure).  Best of 
luck as you continue to work through the situation.

Dawn in Texas 

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