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Re: RC: Re: equine dentistry

Had this vet ever sedated your horse before? Do you know how this particular
horse reacts to sedation? Each horse reacts to sedation differently. Where "one
dose" might work for the average horse, it will not provide the same level for
all horses. I have one that nothing really happens until you give him triple the
dose. Another you only need 1/2 dose. The vet needs to know these things before
they start to work. It is also something we horse owners should keep track of to
provide the necessary information to the vet so they can make an informed
decision as to the dosage.

Unless the vet knew the levels required for this particular horse and
intentionally over dosed it, I think you are being a little hard on her.


Sarah McIntosh wrote:

> Dr. Metcalf raises many excellent points.  The important thing is for horse
> owners to be educated enough to know what particulars to ask and to know if
> the job is being done correctly or not.
> While I do not want to make general negative comments about Vets doing
> teeth, the fact is in my area very few vets do the proper exam as Sarah
> Metcalf outlines below.
> I also agree that sedation is not necessarily a bad thing.  That said,  I
> regret allowing my vet (who was very proud of her recent specialized dental
> training) to overly sedate my horse, so that she could barely stay standing,
> and then could barely walk a mile home, which the vet was aware of.  I paid
> $32 just for sedation, which I considered excessive and much more than
> necessary.  There is a difference between 'relaxed and comfortable' and what
> my horse experienced.
> Even tho my vet is 'qualified' or 'certified' for dental work, she will not
> be doing my horses' teeth again.
> I do admire vets who have proper training AND who do a proper job.
> I encourage my fellow endurance riders to get educated, so they can do the
> best they can for their horses!

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