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Wiking daughters at New Holland

Hey, my friend John that goes to the auction often saw two Wiking daughters
(and more, but those found homes) at New Holland auction (SE PA) go to the
butcher.  He may have a contact where they went, so call if you want one, he
said they were really nice.  He didn't have room, neither did another friend
of mine, Eleanor, that did buy another nice race mare, or they'd have bought
them all.  John is at 610-369-1210 (Douglasville, PA).  CALL.  He has two
other ARabs going well on trail from there, too, one is relatively tall, the
other is super sweet, a pet and very pretty, both young but old enough to
compete trail.  Ask about good trail mares!  Help rescue racers that didn't
have the speed for the short track.  Usually he can bargain the meat dealers
to sell for less than $1200 if they don't haul too far before he tracks them
down.  If you'd been at the Sale you could have had one for less than $1000.

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