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Icelandic Horse

Hello There!  I wanted to forward the below e-mail I received from a friend 
of mine to the endurance list.  Holly trains and sells Icelandic horses and 
feels that one of her horses would make a great endurance prospect.  If 
anyone on the list is interested in learning more please e-mail Holly at: 
She and I both know of John Parke's success with his two Icelandics and Holly 
feels Svali could be equally successful.  He has tremendous stamina and 
speed.  But Holly would be the person to talk with if anyone is interested in 
learning more about this special horse.  
This past May - August I rode my two Icelandics from Southern California, up 
to and  through Wyoming (4 months) alternating packing one and riding the 
other.  They both did great!  Actually put my partner's mules to shame!  
Anyway, hope this isn't off topic.  Many thanks.  Eva

<<Hi Eva,

The new Icelandics are doing great at hunting. Grimur and Funi are
hunting for Helen's boys and I hear they are riding front row first
field with no problems. I have been hunting Milli, Flissa and Svali
and they are also doing great. Svali is the big surprise. On his 3rd
hunt we went to flat open ground with lots of holes and cactus but no
trees. After 3 1/2 hours of galloping hard after coyotes and hounds
the only horses left were 2 TBs and Svali. He was amazing. He didn't
run out of breath or get tired not once. I swear he was resting at an
easy gallop. He did this with minimal conditioning, can you imagine
what he could do with a real job. I think he could kick some actual
butt in endurance so if you hear someone looking for a Svali kind of
horse, send them our way.
Take care and thanks,

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