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Re: RC: Layover near I-77 Charlotte/Columbia?

Guess I am just one of those no frills riders that stop at rest stops 
and then go to the pet section as far from others as possible.  Tie my 
horses to trailer and give them all the hay and water they can eat.  
Sleep long enough to get enough rest to continue..about 4-6 hrs.  One 
time even had the workers wanting to help walk the horses.  Never had 
any problems.  The rest stops can be found on your maps.  I get the big 
map books at Walmart for $4.  Just what I do. Mary Ann
ps.  There is a good amount of country side along that stretch of 
highway.  Just came thru going to and from Savannah, GA from 
Greensboro, NC Just clean up afterwards.  

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Date: Sunday, February 3, 2002 8:31 am
Subject: RC:  Layover near I-77 Charlotte/Columbia?

> Hey Ridecampers!
> Sorry to continue nagging as our trip south to Goethe is coming 
> together.  
> Looks like a long day of driving will land us along I-77 somewhere 
> between 
> Charlotte (NC) and Columbia (SC) or parts thereabouts.  (We'll be 
> cutting 
> over to I-95 via I-26 from there.)
> If someone knows of a layover with 2 bedded box stalls, and 
> possibly 
> electric/water (so we can get a shower, something we'll definitely 
> need at 
> that point!), please drop me a line at
> Thanks much and back to your regularly scheduled programming.
> --Patti (WNY)

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