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Re: mystery weight loss older mare

I would definately have the horses teeth done ASAP. That may be the end of
some of the problems. You may need to switch to using a complete feed such
as equine senior and give her grass hay just to occupy her time if her teeth
are that bad. You can add about 1/8 of a cup of corn oil 1 time per day ,for
consentrated calories , but be careful about giving more than that as too
much can interfere with absorption of necessary nutrients. I have found that
my old horses do much better when the grass comes out as it is easier to
chew and digest.

Good luck !

Merrie Boone
Silver Dream Arabians

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> carla lawson
> Seems when it rains it pours for my 4H kids. Young lady has a 24 yr old
> quarter mare that has some severe weight loss. Blood samples were good.
> Wormed on regular basis. Eats all her 2.5 gallons of grain and hay is on
> fescue pasture. The young lady stays with her mare to insure she eats all
> her grain. We are trying to set appt to get teeth floated. Vet is going to
> do clinic and float kids horses teeth and get shots and vaccinations up to
> date for small fees. Right now she is on senior feed, & 10% sweet feed. I
> have reached a brain fart and can't seem to think of anything off the top
> of my head to feed to this poor mare. She looks like crap and I am very
> worried at this point. Again....the kids funds are not great, I can't help
> in any way (my funds are tied) This is a wonderful mare and for the life
> of me...I can't figure out what to feed her short of beet pulp....(Kids
> look at me and say eewww grosssss)When I feed the stuff. mmmmmm My horses
> do look better tho' Any ideas to fatten this poor chick up?
> carla (stumped)
> Ansata (beet pulp...its whats for dinner and breakfast and lunch)
> Haley (i like mine with a little sweet feed)
> Rob (oh my!!!!)
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