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    [RC] Last Chance - Howard Bramhall

    OK, time's a wasting, and for you out of staters you'll need to make sure you get that Health Certificate real quick if you want to make Jennings Boogie, Jan, 4th, at Jacksonville, FL.  Weather forecast calls for a high in the low 60's with the low in the 40's.  And, no rain.  YIPPPPPIIEEEE!!!!!!
    This place is also the home of some exotic animals (not including myself) like buffalo, emus, ostriches, and all kinds of peacock looking types of birds.  If you want to see how well trained your horse is when it comes to riding close to unusual creatures, this is the place.  And, don't forget, Pat has waived the late fee.  Just show up.  Call her if you can to make sure she gets enough T-Shirts.  Her number is 352-486-4119.  If she runs low on T-shirts, you can have mine.  Hope you wear Extra Large.
    Please come.  It's a great ride and we need you there. 
    Get the ride application & directions today from here: 
    And, if you really want to shun me like the wicked witch of the West suggests, you can actually do it in person at Jennings Boogie.  Just turn your back on me as I approach, and, if you're female, you can probably expect a really rude comment from myself like "nice butt," or, "reminds me of my mare," or something along those lines.  Come on down, see if this guy is really as rude, in person, as some of them say.  Heck, if you want, I'll put on an Andrew Dice Clay type of show, no charge.  Or, join me at Howard's Cabana Boy Bar & Grill and I'll buy you a beer.  Anything to get you down to Jennings.  Please, come.  I promise I won't talk about LD's, that woman from North Georgia, bare footing in endurance, or anything else that always seems to get me in trouble (which lately seems to be anytime I open my mouth).