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    [RC] Pictures and updates - Roger Rittenhouse

    Hope all had a nice Christmas.
    I posted a mess of pictures to my site at webshots.com
       This should work
    Pictures of SKAT ( I call him KAT) As well as other horses and stuff.
    A short follow up on the stifle tendon blister. He had two. I went back
    Dec 12 and Dr Wilson said he needs no more. He is quite sound now,
    going down hill very well. Only the very steep downhills bother him
    NO MORE head tossing going down hill. Guess the 'sticking' tendon and
    locking of the stifle must really hurt.?
    He is going a bit easy and does not want to work. We are going back to
    vets in Jan or Feb for a hit of cortisone to stop the inflammation and quite
    the joint and  tendon down.
    The size of the tendon went from a flat rubber band to the size of a
    little finger, quite an improvement.
    Hopefully as we get back to work in Jan, he will be ready for some easy
    rides this spring.
    ME- Well thats another issue. I am still not doing right. Still a bit
    sore most of the time. When I ride or do too much? I pay for it that
    night. Just not getting healed as planned. Its almost a year now.
    I am going to another chiropractor. I found a few massage therapists
    and have done 2 sessions. Not sure the massage therapist is doing any
    good. She sort of reminds me of the LTJ team touch method. Too much
    touchy feelie style. So I found one that does more intense methods of
    Swedish and Neuromuscular Therapy. Anyway I will give this one a try.
    I also found and acupuncturist. NOW that was some therapy. It was
    strange but seemed to help. I suspect I will be going to him bi weekly
     I really cannot ride much in my current condition. So while Omni will
     be ready to go? I will only be able to get ready for LDs??
     KAT  the next problem. My condition and the weather has prevented me
     from really getting a working plan going with him. I am a bit
     disappointed in our progress. He was not as ready to go to work as I
     had hoped. I had to start from the base. He is a bit 'up' and quite
     wired, more then I was ready to deal with. I just am not as quick as I
     He spooks at most things. We had to start from the beginning with all
     my JL programs. We dont have a round pen, but the lounge line has
     been working. He now comes to me 'most' of the times when called. We
     do keep away if he tries to move away from me.
     He now leads very well. I figured out his buttons and made new ones.
     We take walks in the woods, to get him use to things.
     We have saddled him and take hand walks.
     He still wants to freak out and take off when he is frightened and
     pressed into doing too much.
     Shoeing or trimming was a task also. I had him holding his foot up
     but he did not want it locked in between the knees or held extended in
     the forward position. MY shoer did a good job without anyone getting
     hurt. I have since worked more with the foot thing, He now holds it
     up as long as I want and I can lock it with my knee and take it out front.
     That took a week.   He does have GREAT hoofs
     His worse problem and the most dangerous is the REARING.
     When tied he use to rear - we fixed (well sort of) that by working the scary stuff
     in hand and just tieing him up and leaving him there. I use a neck
     rope and a slide loop on a ring with knot.. sort of like that stall
     tie, then I added a bungie. What fixed him was to let him go back at
     first, then increase pressure slowly, he would give and come forward.
     He sort of self taught himself.  I have to constantly do the heads
     down thing and get him yielding to pressure.
     I had to keep my distance when he went up.
     Until we get this fixed on the ground I dont plan on getting on him.
     I DID mount one time- Carol had him in hand, but when I settled in the
     saddle he stated to 'act up' she drops the line and takes off.. I
     bailed ...More settling ground work needed.
     He still will not load. We had to force load him to get him home. BAD
     deal. We were working the load problem with the BP trailer but its
     gone. Now we have to use the one he was forced into.
     We work everyday - I feed him in there. Started with standing out
     side and feeding from the floor. Now he gets the front end in and
     eats. He has loaded all the way, but freaks out and comes out fast.
     If I try to hold him he goes up. We have to try to work with less
     pressure just before he rears then back off.
     We did have a 3 to 9 second adjustment. When he went up - WAY up and
     pawed at me... I had the lounge whip in hand and was ready.. the front legs
     got the 'treatment'. .. then we went back in the trailer.
     We are on day 5 of the program. Today went well - he went on all the
     way 2 times and while he unloaded, he did not rear.. and then came
     right back on. This is going to take awhile.
     Hope I did not bite off a bigger job then I thought. Heck I trained 5
     horses from the start and re-trained Omni... I SHOULD be able to get
     this boy finished.   I cannot take him to a trainer until I get
     the loading issue fixed..and  that is going to be the major task.
     Good thing I have lots of time...We work about 1 hr per day plus in
     the field socialization sessions.
     One may ask why bother, well I DO like him. He just is not use to
     doing things - at least not my way. He does not like pressure of any
     kind and wants to bolt or fight. He needs to learn I am the alpha horse and
     not his best buddy.
     He is built the way I think a good trail horse should be. He has no
     physical problems- that is use induced issues. Legs - joints are great. A
     A natural foot. He is very balanced and moves great.
     All I need to do is work on the head part...Then we can build the
     physical horse.
     He does trust me and is beginning to show respect. The gentle methods
     take longer but I hope to end up with a great horse.
      If all goes well I hope to be riding (base training) him by Feb or Mar.
     Roger                          mailto:roger@xxxxxxxxxxx
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